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• 3/3/2017

What the heck is incarnation?

If I have two of the same unit is synthesizing them together that? If not what is it? Does it give me a skill up? Do they have to be the same star level? <3

If you know any of this could you also post it to the wiki? And any specific content you're looking for in the wiki? Pictures, story, ect?
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• 4/24/2017
Having two of the same unit means that you can synthesize one into the other, giving them +1 incarnation. Incarnation increases the stats of the unit. Star level does not matter, as long as the two units are the same. Ex: I have an Agani and a Fist of Fire Agani. The Agani can be synthesized into the Fist of Fire Agani to increase his incarnation.
• 5/5/2017
Level up the character before incarnation does give you more stats lvl ?
• 5/23/2017
Either way, you will receive the same star bonuses.
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